Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco de Mayo: The Super Friends meet an Alien Mummy (1981)

The last of Hanna-Barbera's made-for-TV additions to the Super Friends made an inauspicious debut in our next story.

El Dorado was introduced in 1981 to create an entirely new Latino character, after the rights to H. Rider Haggard's Rima had expired following her appearance the previous season. Unfortunately, his first case puts him in peril, and under the thrall of an "Alien Mummy":

El Dorado wasn't used too much after that, at least 2-3 appearances a year until the series ended.

Rating: B.


Goldstar said...

One theory goes that El Dorado was the Martian Manhunter remade as an ethnic character. He was named after the fabled city of gold, yet that didn't describe his super powers at all. Why was it that the ethnic Super Friends had to have names that reflected their ethnicity rather than their power set? Calling the character something like "El Mago" (as in mage or wizard) would been more accurate, as El Dorado's powers seemed to be mystical.

hobbyfan said...

Hadn't heard the theory you referenced, Goldstar, until now. I think what happened was that H-B needed a Latino hero, and scrambled, literally, to create one, even if they didn't make it authentic enough.