Sunday, April 17, 2016

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: The Chan Clan search for Captain Kidd's Doubloons (1972)

The Amazing Chan & the Chan Clan are on the case when it appears that "Captain Kidd's Doubloons" have been stolen.

Considering that Don Kirshner is the music supervisor, it should surprise no one that he brought in Ron Dante to provide the singing voice for Stanley Chan (whose speaking voice belonged to Len Weinrib). Gene Andrusco (Alan) would later become a music producer himself, perhaps as a result of meeting Kirshner. Future Oscar winner Jodie Foster was the voice of Anne, while Robert Ito (later of Quincy) had been cast as Henry. Save for Ito, most of the kids' parts had to be recast due to the heavy---so they say---Asian accents. You'll also notice Jamie Farr's name among the writers. Unfortunately, back in those days, you couldn't tell who wrote what, but were the show to be redone today, individual writers would now get screen credit.

Rating: B+.

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