Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saturtainment: Freeway Frenzy (It's the Wolf!, 1969)

Time to check back with the slapstick silliness of It's The Wolf! from Cattanooga Cats.

In "Freeway Frenzy", we find that Lambsy (Daws Butler) is skiing on dirt at the start. Not sure if we can give the little fellow credit for something that amazingly hasn't translated into the extreme/action sports genre in more recent times. Anyway, Mildew (Paul Lynde) continues his never ending quest, complete with flimsy, transparent disguises. As I've noted before, the plots were repetitive, though the setting would change with each episode.

The Dailymotion poster put Phineas & Ferb in his title box to throw the copyright police off the scent. Like, it doesn't really matter, since Mildew & Lambsy and Bristol Hound predated Phineas & Ferb by over 40 years.

Rating: C. 

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