Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Secret Squirrel vs. Yellow Pinkie (1965)

If Secret Squirrel was meant to be a funny animal parody of James Bond, then it's only fitting that Yellow Pinkie, his arch-nemesis, would be a satire of a Bond movie villain, Goldfinger.

Here, then, is the first meeting between Secret (Mel Blanc) and Yellow Pinkie (Paul Frees, who also narrates and voices Morocco Mole and the Chief).

I have to dispute the claim by the Dailymotion poster that Columbia was still the parent company to Hanna-Barbera by 1965. The "S From Hell" logo was never used on Secret Squirrel or Atom Ant, H-B's two frosh of 1965.

Rating: B.

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