Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Hong Kong Phooey vs. Dr. Disguiso and the Rotten Rainmaker (1974)

Dailymotion brings us a complete episode of Hong Kong Phooey, this being the pentultimate episode in the series.

The overarching subplot has Penrod Pooch (Scatman Crothers, Chico & the Man) testing out a "treasure finder", with the usual disastrous results for Sgt. Flint (Joe E. Ross). Meanwhile, Hong Kong Phooey must tangle with the chameleonic Dr. Disguiso (Don Messick) in the opener, and, then, the Rotten Rainmaker (Paul Winchell) in the second story.

The final episode in the series was a backdoor pilot for Posse Impossible, which would end up going to series 3 years later as a component of C. B. Bears. As you know, C. B. Bears ended up on NBC for its lone season, and the network would acquire reruns of Phooey a couple of years later, creating a rerun block in support of the abysmal Super Globetrotters that also included C. B. Bears repeats, as memory serves.

Rating: B.


Goldstar said...

The series finale of Hong Kong Phooey was titled "Comedy Cowboys" and it served as a backdoor pilot for no less than 3 potential new series, all of them cowboy themed. The first was "Honcho", a sort of parody of "McCloud" featuring a Southern fried detective (complete with a car that acted like a horse which he named Palomino) using his down home skills to solve crimes in the city. The second was "The Mystery Maverick", a sort of mash-up of The Lone Ranger and Superman starring a meek cowpoke who (unbeknownst to his lunk headed big brothers Curly and Burly) was a masked hero who would right wrongs. The third was the aforementioned "Posse Impossible", which as you pointed out would later turn up as a bonus attraction on NBC's "C.B. Bears".

In the episode all of cowboy characters were in pursuit of an outlaw called Tin Nose who framed Hong Kong for a crime that he didn't and as a result, Hong Kong was incarcerated for most of the episode.

I remember seeing this episode for the first time when HKP aired (in reruns) on the USA Cartoon Express. I either missed this episode when it first aired or I was simply too young to remember seeing it back then.

hobbyfan said...

I didn't see it the first time, and saw only part of the repeats, which had me hunting for "Comedy Cowboys" (which I was able to re-post via Dailymotion). The Posse Impossible were the primary stars of this pilot, as they did eventually move on, but the Maverick and Honcho were lost forever.

Had ABC bought them and spun them off, they would still have lasted just 1 season, since a Western themed cartoon was a harder sell back in the 70's.