Monday, March 21, 2016

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Atom Ant vs. Ferocious Flea (1965)

It's not often that Atom Ant gets to take on someone his own size, but there were two such cases during his one and only season of first-run adventures. We'll see Karate Ant another time, but here, Atom (Howard Morris) tangles with "Ferocious Flea":

Allan Melvin, using a Bogart-esque voice for the Flea Circus owner, would recycle the voice a wee bit for Drooper on The Banana Splits just 3 years later. And, yes, that is also Howard Morris as Ferocious Flea. He'd recycle the flea's voice for Dilton Doiley on The Archie Show, also in 1968.

Rating: B.

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