Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Valentoons: Beetle Bailey in Bye, Bye, Young Lovers (1964)

Beetle Bailey starts off our annual series of Valentoons with one of the last shorts in the series.

In 1964's "Bye, Bye, Young Lovers", Beetle (Howard Morris) needs a ride for his date with his then-girlfriend, Bunny. Zero (Allan Melvin) steals a policeman's horse, knowing full well the cop (Morris) lives right next door to Bunny and her family.

Sounds like they brought in June Foray to voice Bunny, since Bunny sounds a bit like Nell Fenwick from Dudley Do-Right. Morris & Melvin collaborated on the script.

In recent times, Bunny's been written out of the strip, as Beetle has been dating sexy Ms. Buxley, one of General Halftrack's secretaries. Now, if we can just get Beetle back on TV.....!

Rating: B.

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