Monday, January 18, 2016

Toon Legends: Woody Woodpecker in Banquet Busters (1948)

Walter Lantz's studio has long been associated with Universal, but that's not always been so. Evidence of this is in our next entry, 1948's "Banquet Busters", a Woody Woodpecker short co-starring Andy Panda, the latter making his last appearance in that role, at least in this series.

Woody & Andy are two hungry, broke, destitute musicians sharing a rundown shack in the dead of winter. When they learn of a banquet being given by a Gloria Van Glutten, look how fast the two of them, and a mouse that already beat them out of a bean, get to the house and past butler Wally Walrus......

The sequence that starts with a pie fight looks like it was lifted from a Three Stooges short, amplified by Darrell Calker's scintillating score. Calker is simply underrated and underappreciated.

Rating: A-.

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