Friday, January 1, 2016

Alienophobia: Tom of THUMB in All Guys From Outer Space Are Creeps (1966)

Rankin-Bass' 1st original creation, Tom of THUMB (Tiny Human Underground Military Bureau), was the backup feature on King Kong, and, as you'll see here, not always a good one.

Meant to be a satire on spy movies & shows, even Get Smart, which was in its 2nd season, Tom and his sidekick, Swinging Jack, literally stumbled into their predicament, as shown in the intro. Their cases were no different.

In "All Guys From Outer Space Are Creeps", Tom is of the opinion that all aliens cannot be trusted. A two-headed beatnik from Jupiter might just change his mind, unless the agents from M. A. D. convince them first.

This probably would've looked better in a comic book, and even then, it would've been a flop.

Rating: C-.

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