Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Animated World of DC Comics: A complete episode of Super Friends (1983)

Here's one of the "lost episodes" of Super Friends from 1983.

We lead off with what would be the last appearance of the Legion of Doom in "Revenge of Doom". Jeff Winkless, one of the three brothers under the costumes of The Banana Splits 15 years earlier, is the new voice of Sinestro, replacing Don Messick.

Next is "Pint of Life", in which the Wonder Twins help bring a scientist back home to tend to his ailing child. Finally, "Day of the Dinosaurs" is pretty much self-explanatory.

As we've noted, Stan Jones (Luthor) kept himself busy doing other gigs, including Richie Rich, as we saw earlier, and, later on, Heathcliff's back-up feature, Cats & Company. Too bad Ruby-Spears lost his number when it came to casting the 1988 Superman series (Michael Bell played Luthor as a slick con artist type.).

Rating: B+.

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