Sunday, October 4, 2015

Spooktober: Just how did Skeletor get the way he is? (2002)

One big advantage to reviving He-Man & the Masters of the Universe in 2002 is that Mattel finally saw the need to tell the stories that should've been told in 1983, particularly, how some of the central characters came to be.

In Skeletor's case, he was a power-hungry jerk named Keldor who, in the course of a battle with King Randor, attempted to disfigure Randor with an acidic potion, which instead deflected off the king's shield right back to Keldor. Upon returning to Skull Mountain, Keldor, accompanied by Evil-Lyn, whom producer Mike Young decided would be more of a romantic consort to the tyrant than just one of his minions, pleads to his former mentor, Hordak, for help......

Insofar as I know, the story may or may not have been adapted for comics after DC reacquired the rights about 3 years ago.

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