Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Toon Sports: Beetle Bailey takes up football (A Pass is a Pass is a Pass, 1963)

Time to go back to the Beetle Bailey shorts from the 60's, and this one is appropriate, since football season, at least for high schools & colleges, begins this weekend.

Sgt. Snorkel (Allan Melvin) leads Camp Swampy into action against a rival Army base, but don't be looking for miracles here. Melvin also voices the play-by-play announcer, whose vocal patterns would later be recycled & modified at Hanna-Barbera with Punkin Puss the next year, and Drooper of the Banana Splits 4 years after that.

We know Beetle (Howard Morris) wants a weekend pass, but the lengths he goes to get it........

Only in a cartoon would officers and enlisted men join forces like this. And "The Longest Yard" was a few years away.

Rating: B.

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