Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rare Treats: Boogie Woogie Boy of Company B (1941)

Inspired by the hit song of the same name, Walter Lantz and Universal released the animated "Boogie Woogie Boy of Company B" in September 1941. It hasn't been seen on TV in several years because of its portrayal of African-Americans, particularly the title character, a jazz trumpeter who's, well, conscripted instead of drafted into the Army.

Voices are not given screen credit, as was the custom of the time. After all, it took a few more years before Mel Blanc began getting credit for his work at WB. "Boogie" is included on a Woody Woodpecker DVD compilation, though, so it is accessible, just like it is on Internet Archive.

The song was big in 1941. The Andrews Sisters recorded it, and performed it in Abbott & Costello's "Buck Privates" that same year. I've no memory of seeing this cartoon, so there's no rating.

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