Thursday, April 30, 2015

It Should've Been on a Saturday: Bureau of Alien Detectors (1996)

In the 90's, Saban was flooding the airwaves with children's programming. From the live-action Power Rangers franchise, imported from Japan for Fox, to obtaining distribution rights to the X-Men toons airing in syndication and on Fox, to ultimately mishandling two more Marvel franchises, the studio's imprint was all over Fox & UPN's children's blocks, as well as in syndication.

Unfortunately, outside of the Power Rangers, there weren't too many sustainable hits. Bureau of Alien Detectors, which was part of UPN's Sunday block in 1996, should've succeeded, except for one thing. It was derivative of Lowell Cunningham's Men in Black comics, which would eventually be adapted into a series of movies starting the following year, and a subsequent animated series of its own. Oh, they thought they were cool with the BAD acronym, but that didn't exactly work for Aaron Spelling 16 years earlier with a live-action primetime crime drama, B. A. D. Cats, either.

Following is the episode, "The Hunt":

Rating: B.

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