Saturday, March 14, 2015

You Know the Voice: Casey Kasem (1973)

Oh, this is just too much.

When Dean Martin decided to roast his good buddy, Don Rickles, he was given an extra half-hour for his Dean Martin Comedy Hour (formerly the Dean Martin Show). An extra special tweak was added when we were introduced to a man who supposedly was Don's primary writer. Despite the Hitler-esque mustache, there's no mistaking the voice of Casey Kasem, who never got to sit on the dais with Dean and his Hollywood buds, but was instead used as a special attraction. We've previously seen Casey as Telly Savalas' #1 fan (and dressed as Columbo, to boot), but let's turn the clock back to 1973. Casey shows up around the 18 minute mark.

Edit, 10/12/17: Unfortunately, the video has been deleted.

There is additional material on this copy, as the previous copy has been deleted.


magicdog said...

Back in the good old days of political incorrectness!

Everybody made jokes that were funny, people could take a joke and Casey Kasem could come out in public dressed like Adolf Hitler!!

Could never happen now unfortunately.

hobbyfan said...

So true. So, so true.