Monday, March 16, 2015

Krofftverse: Wonderbug in The Not-So-Great Race (1976)

Know-it-all Joe serves up some Wonderbug from season 1 of The Krofft Supershow.

As the title implies, Wonderbug is entered in a race after someone begins eliminating the opposition. Nothing says I'm a stupid crook like using a steamroller in broad daylight in front of witnesses. Then again, the writing on this show wasn't anything to write home about. Heck, the theme song was the cheesiest of all time.

Rating: D-.


SaturdayMorningFan said...

No matter how cheesy, I wish the remaining mostly-unreleased Krofft shows would get DVD releases: Far-Out Space Nuts, Electra Woman & Dyna Girl, Dr. Shrinker, Wonderbug, Bigfoot & Wildboy, etc. They were fun and very nostalgic and I'd love to revisit them.

hobbyfan said...

I wouldn't mind Space Nuts or Electra Woman or Bigfoot & Wildboy. Wonderbug? No thanks.

There's more Krofftverse to come, though....