Monday, March 23, 2015

From Comics to Toons: The Fantastic Four vs. the Red Ghost (It Started on Yancy Street, 1967)

One of the more popular tropes of the Fantastic Four comics in the 60's & 70's, not so much in later years, was Ben Grimm, alias the Thing, getting hassled by the Yancy Street Gang, a group of pranksters from his old neighborhood. For the most part, the Yancy Streeters were kept anonymous, for reasons known only to co-creator Stan Lee.

In "It Started On Yancy Street", the Fantastic Four are lured to the neighborhood by a phony challenge, which was actually issued by one of their enemies, Professor Kragoff (Vic Perrin), aka the Red Ghost.

As I've noted before, I believe that it's also Perrin who serves as the show's announcer.

Rating: B.

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