Thursday, February 5, 2015

Toon Rock: Conspiracy Theory Rock (1998)

This Robert Smigel entry was produced for Saturday Night Live in 1998, but was subsequently edited off future broadcasts. Why? Simple.

Conspiracy Theory Rock, a send-up of Schoolhouse Rock, complete with the latter's mascot, Schoolhouse Rocky, poked fun at corporate control of media. At the time, NBC was partially owned by General Electric, but now is firmly part of the Universal family.

Executive Producer Lorne Michaels, in having to explain why the segment was edited, claimed it wasn't funny. It was really pressure applied by the corporate parent, but Michaels, who now also serves as executive producer of NBC's Tonight Show & Late Night, didn't want to risk being dismissed for a 2nd time.

Anyway, judge for yourselves.

More of Smigel's TV Funhouse will be coming soon.

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