Monday, February 9, 2015

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Wonder Wheels & the Snowmen (1977)

Wonder Wheels hits the slopes in this seasonally appropriate adventure, trying to track down "The Snowmen".

If anything, Hanna-Barbera could've claimed that Wonder Wheels might've been derived from 2 past toon vehicles---Pat Pending's Converticar (Wacky Races, 1968) or the Chan Van (Amazing Chan & the Chan Clan, 1972). Unfortunately, it's but a memory now.

Edit, 3/6/18: We've got it back, this time as part of a compilation that also includes the episodes "Wonder Wheels & The Double Trouble" and "Wonder Wheels & The Studio Steal":

No rating.


magicdog said...

I always thought he was a fugitive from "Wheelie & The Chopper Bunch"!

It was never explained how WW came to be was it?

hobbyfan said...

No origin story was ever made. More's the pity, because they could've proved they didn't rip off the Kroffts' Wonderbug from the previous year.