Saturday, December 13, 2014

On The Air: NFL Rush Zone (2012)

While the NFL is pushing its "Play 60" initiative for youngsters, they also sanctioned an animated series currently airing on Nicktoons.

NFL Rush Zone is in its 3rd season, airing on Sunday mornings, with replays during the week, including Saturday mornings, and for those who want action and adventure, well, where've you been?

It all started with a young boy named Ish in season 1, tasked to protect the shards of some sort of core device. The shards are hidden in all 31 NFL stadiums (32 teams, I know, but remember, the Jets & Giants share a stadium). Ish was given his own team of Guardians, and, subsequently, each succeeding season has had subtitles added. For example, Season 3 is subtitled, Guardians Unleashed. NFL players & coaches, including Jets coach Rex Ryan, Houston Texans star JJ Watt, and the ever-present Peyton Manning, have contributed to the series.

Why Nickelodeon isn't repurposing Rush Zone on Nick itself, I don't know. Their mistake, as usual.

Right now, here's the intro for the current season:

There's also been a comic book version of the series, and this year, Panini included the Rusherz as part of their NFL Sticker Collection, which is available at Target, Dollar Tree, and some hobby shops.

Rating: A.


magicdog said...

I've seen this out of curiosity - and I'm not crazy about it.

It seems almost like a big ad campaign for the NFL. It also reminds me (ion a roundabout way) the 90s soccer cartoon, "The Hurricanes".

hobbyfan said...

There is that, isn't there. Seeing as how Nick is a corporate cousin of CBS.......!