Sunday, October 5, 2014

Animated World of DC Comics: Meet the Legion of Doom (1978)

From Challenge of the Super Friends and robssffanpage:

In the opening moments of "Wanted: The Super Friends", we are introduced to the Legion of Doom, whose HQ is shaped like Darth Vader's helmet for some reason. Maybe it's an inside joke, I don't know. Anyway, Lex Luthor (Stan Jones) is at the helm, as would be natural, since his nemesis, Superman, leads the Super Friends.

Of course, the complete episode is unavailable, as Warners is enforcing copyrights on a lot of Super Friends material. Anyway, for those who haven't seen the episode in a while, Luthor uses a machine to trick the heroes into pulling a few jobs, but then swerves them right into a trap, sending them toward the sun. Of course, you know how this ends.

Rating: A.

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