Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Super President vs. the Monster of the Atoll (1968)

Dandydeal delivers another Super President adventure.

This time, James Norcross (Paul Frees) travels to a "flyspeck of an island" in the Pacific to battle "The Monster of the Atoll", controlled by a tribal priest (Shep Menken), who seeks to maintain his spiritual hold over the tribal chief (Frees) and the villagers. Naturally, Jerry Sales (Menken) is captured, forcing Super President to offer himself up for sacrifice to force the duplicitous witch doctor's scheme into the open.

The only rational explanation for Norcross gaining his powers in a cosmic storm, as Frees explains in the show open (not shown in this video), would be that Norcross was an astronaut before running for President. Now, don't ya think they could've addressed that back then, just to square things?

Rating: C.

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