Saturday, September 6, 2014

Daytime Heroes: Letterman in The Wigged Out Lady (1972)

It's been a while since we heard from The Electric Company's alphabetic hero, Letterman, so we'll start off today with the shortie, "The Wigged Out Lady". Posted in memory of narrator Joan Rivers, who passed away Thursday at 81.

If there was one failing, it's Rivers' lack of enthusiasm when introducing Letterman with a parody of Superman's famous intro. But when you consider these shorties usually run just 90 seconds or so, what can ya do?

Rating: A-.


magicdog said...

It's been forever since I'd seen one of these EC shorts! I certainly didn't know Joan Rivers was narrating them back then!

Seems an odd tribute to her though. Then again, her sense of humor would stretch to her voice overs. I don't know if they played any such clips at her funeral, but at least she got the bagpipes she wanted!

She could do drama too. Coincidentally, the day it was reported she was in the hospital, a rerun of The Love Boat (from 1984) ran on cable. In it, Rivers played a cancer survivor who had a mastectomy and was dumped by her husband because of it. Essentially she was trying to find love again and a guy who would accept her new body. She was actually quite believable in the role!

RIP Joan!

hobbyfan said...

I'd already done a review of Rivers' Fox talk show over at the Land of Whatever, and had covered the 1980's revival of Hollywood Squares. I figured this was easy to do.

Now, they're saying her death was caused by an unscheduled biopsy. Oh, please.