Thursday, August 14, 2014

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: A complete episode of Birdman & the Galaxy Trio (1967)

The aptly named Cartoon has served up a nearly full (well, sans bumpers and, of course, commercials of the day) episode of Birdman. What you'll get:

Birdman in "Quake Effect": The Solar Sentinel (Keith Andes) tries to stop a mad scientist (Is there no other kind?) from unleashing man-made earthquakes.

Galaxy Trio vs. "The Moltens of Meteorus": The Trio visit the homeworld of Meteor Man (Ted Cassidy), only to discover a race of lava men attempting to overthrow the surface government. Ironically, 10 years later, Cassidy would revisit this plot, but on the other side, when he made his first guest appearance on The All-New Super Friends Hour in the episode, "Invasion of the Earthors".

Birdman in "Avenger For Ransom": Duh, Avenger, Birdman's sidekick, is abducted. The crooks want some important defense secrets. Y'think maybe there's any doubt to how this'll end?

If some of the incidental background music sounds familiar, H-B had been recycling it for 3 years by this point. Too bad they didn't have the creative energy to compose new material........

Rating: B+.


magicdog said...

Love seeing a complete show with all three toons!

Isn't it odd that no one on Meteor Man's planet didn't look at all like him? Or had his powers? The planet itself looked rather primitive.

Funny that the molten men would surrender so quick and be happy to just up and move to a new locale! No time for bitching and moaning I guess!

hobbyfan said...

Back then, there was no room for squabbling when a solution was available.

Note the coloring error. Molten lava is reddish orange, so why are the Moltens purple?