Thursday, August 21, 2014

From Comics to Toons: Krazy Kat in Keeping Up With Krazy (1962)

In the comic strip, Krazy Kat, the titular feline was meant to be androgynous. Not so in the shorts that King Features' animation department put out in the 60's. Krazy is definitely a female, strangely in love with Ignatz Mouse (Paul Frees), even though Ignatz hates her, to the point of throwing bricks in Krazy's direction every chance he gets.

However, in "Keeping Up With Krazy", Ignatz has a chance to earn an honest day's living for a change, hired on as a regional manager for a sales company. Of course you know it won't last, not as long as Krazy's around.......

Personally, I feel sorry for Ignatz in this case.

Rating: B.

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