Saturday, July 26, 2014

You Know The Voice: Mike Road on Bewitched (1967)

To millions of cartoon fans, Mike Road will be remembered as the voice behind Roger "Race" Bannon on Jonny Quest, Ug from Dino Boy, and Zandor, the leader of The Herculoids. Some of us remember seeing him as the pitchman for Fireman's Fund insurance during the 70's.

However, Road also did a few "face acting" jobs, such as the one we're showcasing today.

From season 3 of Bewitched is the conclusion of a 2-part story in which Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne) pulls Benjamin Franklin (guest star Fredd Wayne) into the 20th century. Mike plays district attorney Chuck Hawkins. How he could not have been cast in a similar role in any number of crime dramas back in the day is a mystery unto itself.

We'll start with a long missing opening tag that summarizes the first part of the story, as narrated by Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery):

And, now, we move on to the episode proper:

It does appear as though we're missing some of the episode. Just the same, tell me what you think.

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