Monday, July 14, 2014

You Know The Voice: John Stephenson (1972)

In addition to his years of voice acting, John Stephenson made a few appearances in front of the camera, including a few on Hogan's Heroes. I didn't realize he was still, ah, moonlighting in the 70's.

John guest-starred in an episode of the short-lived Temperatures Rising, starring Cleavon Little and James Whitmore. Whitmore was replaced in season 2 by Paul Lynde, whose self-titled sitcom, which also launched in '72, failed. Unfortunately, Lynde also sank the ship on this show.

Anyway, keep an eye on John Stephenson, who appears briefly early on.......

I thought I'd include the whole episode. ABC would've been well-served using this off the bench on a Saturday, since they moved Bewitched there for a while.

Just have to remember to put up an episode of Hogan sometime.......

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