Friday, June 6, 2014

Tooniversary: Linus the Lionhearted faces Jungle Rot, and other stories (1964)

Dandy Deal has uploaded an episode of Linus the Lionhearted, with a truncated version of the open.

The framing sequence has Linus (Sheldon Leonard) and Dinny Kangaroo dealing with a pair of ivory poachers. Meanwhile:

Linus, Dinny, and others face a case of "Jungle Rot" caused by a termite (Paul Frees). I believe it is Bob McFadden doing a Jack Benny mimic as Sacha Grouse. Then, Sugar Bear (Gerry Matthews) has to rescue Granny Goodwitch (Ruth Buzzi) from Mervyn the Magician. Short features with Lovable Truly and So-Hi round out the show.

Veteran Hanna-Barbera musical director Hoyt Curtin performed those same duties on this show, one of his rare non-H-B gigs. Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara are also heard on the show, if not in this episode. McFadden, of course, would recycle his Benny/Grouse voice for Cool McCool 2 years later.

Rating: B.

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