Monday, June 23, 2014

Summertainment: Salute Your Shorts (1991)

Salute Your Shorts was the other half of Nickelodeon's daily double, if ya will, of summer comedies in the early 90's (Hey Dude was previously reviewed).

The series is set at a summer camp, and if I'm not mistaken, this might be inspired by the 1965 primetime series, Camp Runamuck, which aired for a time on Nick as well. Anyway, the series didn't last very long, but remained in reruns, usually just during the summer months (of course) until 1999. Today, it lies in Nick's vaults.

Danny Cooksey (ex-Diff'rent Strokes) was one of the stars, in one of his last series gigs in live-action before turning to voice work. Speaking of voice actors, Christine Cavanaugh, whose toon credits include Nick's Rugrats, as well as Darkwing Duck and Dexter's Laboratory, appears on this show as well.

Edit: 11/17/17: Had to change the video. We have the 2nd season opener now, and it appears as if Christine Cavanagh will not be part of this one.

No rating.

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