Friday, May 2, 2014

Saturday School: S.O.S.-Help Us! (Emergency +4, 1974)

Dandydeal presents an episode of Emergency +4.

Before we get to "S.O.S.-Help Us!", I have to amend my earlier comments on the series. Two seasons were produced, and the series lingered around in reruns for an additional 1 1/2 seasons before NBC finally cancelled the series during the 1976-7 season. Yes, the artwork doesn't look that great, and neither do the backgrounds, but let us not forget that this still served as a teaching tool, though I'm at a loss to determine if one of the kids was actually old enough to drive.

The voice cast list encompasses the entire series at the time this episode was made. It shouldn't surprise anyone that co-executive producer/director Fred Calvert brought in Casey Kasem to work on the show. Casey was taking after Paul Frees in that he was a reliable talent who could work for almost anyone. Future sitcom stars Richard Paul (later of Carter Country) and Jack DeLeon (Barney Miller) are heard in various episodes as well.

"S. O. S-Help Us!" comes from the 2nd season.

Cast member David Jolliffe is better known to toon fans for his later work on Clue Club, and Sarah Kennedy did most of her work for DePatie-Freleng.

Rating: C.

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