Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Teenage Toons: Maxie's World (1989)

DIC & Hasbro introduced an enterprising teenager to television in 1989. Unfortunately, Maxie's World was found wanting.

Maxie's World centered on the title teen, a high schooler who moonlighted as a talk show host in her after-hours, self-producing her show, likely for public access. I say likely because I never saw the show, and thus can't fairly rate it. The series aired either on Sundays or weekdays, depending on where you lived. Reruns of 1987's Beverly Hills Teens, reviewed earlier this week, and the former NBC series Punky Brewster (the Ruby-Spears animated series, of course), helped pad the Sunday show to a full two hour block. Not that it mattered, because it seemed young girls weren't interested in doing their own talk shows. They wanted to cut past that and deal with the usual high school drama, and there was certainly a fair amount to go around.

Here's the intro:

A modest theme song, not much else. Perhaps it's safe to think this was another ahead-of-its-time cartoon.

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