Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spooktober: Spider-Woman vs. Dracula (1979)

Those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it---Santayana

In the Super Friends episode, "Attack of the Vampire", Hanna-Barbera's interpretation of Dracula used eye beams to convert victims to his legion. I guess this was because biting victims was prohibited under anti-violence regulations. It was a poor plot device, but who'd ever think someone would have the lack of brains to copy it?

A year later, someone did, in the Spider-Woman episode, "Dracula's Revenge". Apparently, the writers at DePatie-Freleng weren't paying enough attention to how bad "Attack" ended up being. Worse, the Wolf Man and the Monster of Frankenstein have been added to the mix. Wolfy, like Drac, uses eye beams, while Frankie's transformation beams come from his electrodes. For some reason, DFE & Marvel decided that Drac would have green skin. Anyone reading Marvel in those days knew better than that. Anyway, Spider-Woman (Joan Van Ark) is a twice cursed woman pro tempore, when Dracula & the Wolf Man both hit her with eye beams, and thus has to punctuate every sentence with a weak growl.

Ya don't believe me? Well, scope it out, effendis. Here's "Dracula's Revenge".

And to think that in her comic book, Spider-Woman actually fought and teamed with Marvel's Werewolf, and didn't get scratched.

Rating: C.

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