Sunday, October 20, 2013

From Comics to Toons: Thor vs. the Lava Men (1966)

With Thor returning to theatres in "The Dark World", opening November 8, I thought we'd check out one of his adventures from the Marvel Superheroes series back in 1966. It's one of the first appearances of The Avengers on TV, and by then, the Hulk had left the team he had help found.

The complete three part serial is shown here, and if the concept of the Lava Men attacking from underground seems familiar to some of you, well, 11 years later, when ABC revived the Super Friends, one of their first episodes, "Invasion of the Earthors", plowed similar ground.

Come to think of it, aside from using the original designs by Jack Kirby, this story doesn't translate well on TV, and Hanna-Barbera did it better.

Rating: C.

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