Thursday, September 12, 2013

Toon Sports: The Flintstones in Little Big League (1978)

With baseball season almost ending----well, the regular season, anyway-----let's take a look back at a silly little treat with The Flintstones.

Little Big League was a 1 hour primetime special that aired in 1978. I don't recall it being on NBC, though some sources say it did, and NBC did begin a new Flintstones series, under the title, The New Fred & Barney Show, a few months after this special aired.

Fred (Henry Corden) and Barney (Mel Blanc) are opposing coaches in the Bedrock Little League. Fred's under heavy pressure from a cop (Ted Cassidy), a judge, and his boss, Mr. Slate (John Stephenson), to deliver a championship. The judge & the cop, you see, have sons on the team. Barney, on paper, anyway, might have an edge thanks to his son, Bamm-Bamm (Frank Welker, who'd eventually inherit the role of Barney years later), a prodigious power hitter. Fred decides to take a chance and puts his daughter, Pebbles, on the team as a pitcher. Trust me, you'll laugh until you cry seeing this.

By the way, Pebbles' voice was done by a then-unknown actress who'd later become a TV icon----Pamela Anderson.

Edit, 12/5/17: Unfortunately, Dailymotion has pulled the video due to a terms of use violation. If/when it returns, we'll bring it back.

This has aired a few times on Boomerang and/or Cartoon Network over the years, but since Boomerang isn't running movies anymore, I'm not sure if it is actually out on DVD yet.

Rating: A-.


magicdog said...

I think this was the first project in which Corden was doing Fred's speaking voice since Alan Reed died.

I remember watching this when it originally aired and it was OK. Even then I cringed at the "girls can do anything boys can do but better!" mantra this was pushing. It seemed vwery reminiscent of "The Bad News Bears", which hit theatres two years earlier. I'm guessing HB was just keeping its finger on the pulse of pop culture as they typically did.

I had no idea Pam Anderson was Pebbles' voice here!

hobbyfan said...

Neither did I, until doing research years later. Now you know why she was so comfortable doing Stripperella 10 years ago. She had cartoon experience before that!