Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: Let Her In (1976)

On Welcome Back, Kotter, John Travolta played dumber-than-a-door knob Vinnie Barbarino, but on April 10, 1976, Travolta appeared on American Bandstand to promote his debut record. It's too bad his singing career went by the wayside after 1983's "Two of a Kind", which reunited Travolta with "Grease" co-star and duet partner Olivia Newton-John, since it took nearly 30 years before he did any more recording. Had he put equal focus between singing and acting, maybe he contributes to the "Pulp Fiction" soundtrack by doing a 60's pop cover, or passes on doing L. Ron Hubbard's bidding and makes a movie like "Battlefield Earth".

Anyway, here's "Let Her In". It's safe to say that none of the teenagers surrounding Dick Clark ever tried out for the $20,000 Pyramid, if the intro is any indication.........

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