Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Space Ghost vs. The Ruler of the Rock Robots (1966)

Space Ghost and his young wards, Jan & Jace, meet the "Ruler of the Rock Robots" in this 1966 short, uploaded by Isabela Vitoria. The Ruler sounds like the same actor who voiced Zorak---exact same voice inflections, as if viewers wouldn't know the difference, and back then, they didn't seem to care---but was a 1-shot villain.

Edit: 1/28/16: Had to replace the video, and now we have an extra episode, "The Challenge":

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

I really hope that if there is ever a Space Ghost reboot, Jan & Jace will get a better deal in the IQ dept! They fell for two of the oldest tricks in the book!

They deserve to be more than just hostage fodder for the villain du jour.

Definitely Don Messick voicing The Rock Robots Ruler.

hobbyfan said...

As long as Cartoon Network and [adult swim]'s staff of nimnuls have cemented their version of Space Ghost in viewers' minds, a pure reboot would need to be in the hands of a true fan, like the creative staff on Batman: Brave & the Bold, for example.

Joe Kelly, who wrote that brilliant miniseries for DC nearly a decade ago, should be shopping his script in Hollywood........

Geed said...

I think Cartoon Network did too much damage to the HB super-hero properties that a reboot may not be successful. Not saying I didn't like Harvey Birdman or the Brak Show but I think those properties are done with.

hobbyfan said...

Good point, Geed. Letting those turds at [adult swim] plumb the archives and skewer the older series for a few cheap laughs may be the singled stupidest thing CN has ever enabled.