Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: The Impossibles vs. the Puzzler (1966)

You've heard of the phrase "fans disguised as empty seats"? This sets up a visual gag early in this Impossibles adventure when the band plays a gig for the benefit of the Secret Service. However, the party is spoiled by a villain known as "The Puzzler" (not to be confused with another villain by that name, played by the distinguished Maurice Evans, who was a 1-shot opponent for Batman around the same time). Rally-ho!

If ya wanted a serious menace on Saturdays, ya had to watch Superman or Space Ghost. This was twice as campy as Batman, sometimes not in a good way.

Rating: C.


magicdog said...

Awww, I think you're being far too harsh on The Impossibles!

The Puzzler was one of the toughest and meanest foes they've ever faced! He had all three guys pinned down and planned on steamrolling them out of existence!

Of course Coily's plan to free Fluey from the bottle was scientifically questionable to me!

hobbyfan said...

Tough? The Puzzler? Yeah, right. Bad writing's what did this one in.