Thursday, August 15, 2013

Saturday Morning Ringside: Davy Jones, prizefighter? (The Monkees, 1966)

The Monkees take a page from the classic slapstick comedy playbook in the episode, "The Monkees in the Ring".

In the grand tradition of Curly Howard and Porky Pig, Davy Jones finds himself in the ring as a boxer after a chance encounter on the street sees him stun a heavyweight contender. The episode is a sort-of expose on how some fighters are built up for title bouts back in those days.

Too bad no one told the guys to play "Pop Goes the Weasel" during the fight.

Rating: B.


SaturdayMorningFan said...

Lou Costello also boxed in "Buck Privates". I think you may be thinking of Elmer Fudd in "To Duck or not to Duck", not Porky Pig. Porky & Elmer were both used somewhat interchangeably as the "everyman" character in the WB cartoons in the 40s and 50s. However, Porky could have been in an old B&W cartoon where he boxed, I'm not too familiar with those. I remember this Monkees episode now that you mention it. Makes me want to buy the DVDs.

hobbyfan said...

Actually, Porky took up wrestling in one story, and that's what I was thinking of. Curly did both, and eventually, I'll put that one up with Elmer vs. Daffy in a boxing match that was a real work.

magicdog said...

Love me some Monkees!

If anything, the episode spoofs all sorts of images related to boxing up to that point. The teaser depicts a take off of "The Kid From Brooklyn" (smaller guy takes down big bruiser) and the movie, "Golden Boy" (You'll never be able to play the violin again!). The latter film would be spoofed again by The Monkees in the movie, "Head" two years later.

Of course no boxing episode would be complete without showing the dishonest tactics frequently used in the boxing world.

Plus you can't help but get a kick out of the black boxer spoofing Cassius Clay aka Mohammed Ali!

hobbyfan said...

Oh, in other words, Davy was filling in for Danny Kaye (Kid From Brooklyn). Seems about right.