Thursday, May 16, 2013

Animated World of DC Comics: Superman vs......Superman? (1966)

One advantage that Filmation's New Adventures of Superman had over the live-action series of the 50's was its use of Superman's Rogues Gallery, particularly Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and today's subject, the Toyman.

Bear in mind, pilgrims, that the Toyman who was a member of Luthor's Legion of Doom 12 years later was the 2nd man to use that name, but by the time Challenge of the Super Friends hit the air, Jack Nimball was already killed off in the books by the original Toyman, Winslow Schott. The late 80's and forward hasn't been kind to Schott, recast by modern day scribes as a child molester/serial killer who still had the same toy gimmick.

Anyway, here's Schott, sending a robot duplicate of the Man of Steel to frame Supes for a few petty crimes.

Predictable fluff, that's all it really was.

Rating: B.


Geed said...

Great episode. Still hoping DC/Warner Bros decided to finish out the 60's Superman, Superboy and unexplicably, the 60's Batman cartoons on DVD already. I remember being a young punk of 4 years old and watching the Filmation DC cartoons in reruns on channel 5 in Long Island, NY. This would be around '72 before Superfriends started in '73. I remember being so mad when they went to an all Batman format for the half hour. I also remember going to a comic convention in NYC years later and was amazed someone was selling VHS tapes of the 16mm films long before the DVD's were coming out. Someone had the Flash/Hawkman/etc ones and I screamed embarrassingly loud. I never thought I'd ever see them again short of those lousy USA network edited versions.

hobbyfan said...

Well, the legal issues with the Siegel estate have finally been settled, so we may get seasons 2 & 3 of Superman, plus Superboy, eventually, from WB.

I was three when this first aired, and it wasn't until I got cable and caught the repeats before I actually got acquainted with these toons.