Monday, July 2, 2012

Spider-Man week: "Lizards, Lizards Everywhere" (1981)

The brand new "Amazing Spider-Man" opens with midnight showings later tonight, so this week, we're getting back to marking the Spiderversary with some choice Spidey cartoons from the past.

Today, it's "Lizards, Lizards Everywhere", from the little-seen 1981 Spider-Man solo series which didn't reach as many homes as NBC's Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends, which bowed the same year and lasted longer. Since I never saw the solo show, I can't rate this one. Just scope it out, and let me know what you think, effendis.


magicdog said...

The ep isn't bad. It seems almost on par with the "Amazing Friends" version, except Spidey has a bit more to do.

I noticed a different VA was used for Spidey. They also used the same design for Peter Parker and other animation scenes so it looks like it all came from the same production company.

Was this series supposed to air first or concurrent with "Amazing Friends"?

Jameson is a jerk in just about every animated version I've ever seen! Perhaps upped a notch here, since he insists Spidey's a criminal and revels in smearing him despite the obvious good he's done! He also seemed a little loose with his tongue considering the rest of the reptiles were still in his office!

hobbyfan said...

I believe this was to be concurrent with Amazing Friends, but as I noted, it didn't reach as many markets. My district didn't get it, for example.

Jameson's always had it in for Spidey out of pure jealousy. That'll never change......