Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Know the Voice: Janet Waldo, sitcom star (1964)

Janet Waldo is better known for her extensive resume as a voice actress, first on radio in Meet Corliss Archer (she turned down the television version), then in cartoons. You know most of the characters, including Judy Jetson, Penelope Pitstop, and Princess from Battle of the Planets.

Janet has done some "face acting", the term used for voice actors doing live-action work, but not a whole lot. In 1964, she landed the female lead in the short-lived ABC sitcom, Valentine's Day, playing opposite series stars Tony Franciosa (later of Name of the Game) & Jack Soo (Barney Miller). If you've ever wondered what one of the grand dames of voice acting actually looked like, well, here she is........!

Edit: 7/28/15: The video has been deleted by YouTube. If/when someone else puts it up, we'll bring it back.

Janet is still active at the age of 87, currently back in radio, doing Adventures in Odyssey for the Christian group, Focus on the Family. It's been a long time, however, since she last did any cartoon work......


magicdog said...

Such an unforgettable voice!

Ms. Waldo was at a Comic Con Panel last year to chat about her life in cartoon voice work. Naturally people asked her about some of her best known roles and "The Jetsons" came up. She answered in that naive teen girl voice we all know so well! She could still do the voice of Judy Jetson despite being over 80!

How cool is that??

hobbyfan said...

That in a nutshell explains her current radio gig, doesn't it? And she was such a knockout in that clip, too.

magicdog said...

I'm surprised you didn't also include the clip of her on the "I Love Lucy" show in 1952. In the episode, "The Young Fans", she played a girl named, "Peggy" who had a crush on Ricky. Richard Crenna played her age appropriate suitor, Arthur who developed a crush on Lucy in retaliation!

"Keep jiggling Peggy!! Keep jiggling"

hobbyfan said...

I would've, but I found this one first. Maybe another time.

My brother told me about the "Lucy" appearance way back when, but I've never seen that particular ep. And now that "Lucy" is readily available, between Hallmark & Me-TV, I'll try to catch it sometime.