Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spooktober: Dingbat & the Creeps (1980)

Serving as a backup feature to Heathcliff in his first foray into television, Dingbat & the Creeps were a sort of bizarre sendup of classic comedy teams like the Three Stooges and the Ritz Brothers. The common theme in their stories was that the Creeps were always looking---for a job. Like, who'd actually be brave enough to hire a vampire dog, a disembodied pumpkin (wearing a hat and sneakers), and/or a walking skeleton?

The video was deleted by YouTube due to copyright infringement issues. If/when it returns, we'll bring it back.

Unlike the Ritzes and the Stooges, the Creeps didn't last very long. One season, and then gone. Ruby-Spears, perhaps under a directive from ABC, replaced them with Marmaduke as Heathcliff's backup the next year. Not that it made much difference, as the comic strip characters were gone soon after, although Heathcliff would make a comeback......

Rating: C.

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