Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rein-toon-ation: The Karate Kid (1989)

While this year's remake of "The Karate Kid" with Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith marked the 25th anniversary of the original film's release, that original film launched a franchise that would see a total of 4 films, the last shifting the focus to a young woman (future Oscar winner Hilary Swank), and a short-lived NBC Saturday morning series.

Right now, let's scope out the series opener:

Karate Kid was the last collaboration between DIC and Sony, following the syndicated Dinosaucers, and another series adapted from a movie, The Real Ghostbusters (previously reviewed). Unlike the Ghostbusters, however, Daniel & Mr. Miyagi didn't make a successful transition to animation, and the series, soon to be released to DVD, was cancelled after 1 season, as NBC had lost its grip on the Saturday morning ratings wars. Pat Morita (ex-Happy Days) reprised his role as Miyagi, but that wasn't enough of a draw.

Rating: B-.

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